Singing Bowl Therapy

“Let your muscle tension melt & your mind relax”

  • Training in singing bowl therapy with Nischal Shresta in Nepal.

Ultabati bowl with mallet

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Experience the deep sound and vibration of singing bowls on and around your body.

Jambati bowl with wand

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Let your muscle tension melt and your mind relax, as sound waves travel through your body and your cells. 

Antique handbeaten metal bowls are used for the powerful depth and warmth of their layered sound, resulting in a unique and soothing therapeutic effect.

I trained in Kathmandu with Nischal Shresta who holds a Nepali family lineage, using singing bowls for massage and theram py, after learning from his father and grandfather as a child. The bowls I use are almost all large handbeaten antique metal bowls from Nepal (called "Tibetan singing bowls"), cherished for the depth and warmth of their sound. I use the traditional himalayan scale rather than the Western musical scale of new age therapists.

What to expect:

- You will be fully clothed during the session, lying down on a comfortable mat on the floor. 

- Bowls will be used on and around your body. Their sound and vibrations will help release your muscle tension and relax your mind.

Note: Please wear something loose and comfortable, without buttons or zippers, or metallic parts. This therapy is not suitable if you are pregnant, or have a pacemaker or metallic parts in your body, such as screws, plates or joint replacement.

I work by appointment. 

The easiest and fastest way to book an appointment is to to book online through Ezybook.

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