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  • Dip. Health Science (Sport Therapy & Massage)
  • Dip. Health Science (Therapeutic Massage)
  • Adv. Dip. in Raynor Technique
  • Cert. in Adv. Cupping Treatment

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Sport Therapy: Sports massage meets the performance or recovery needs of the athlete or physically active person (including pre- and post-event, maintenance massage and treatment). A thorough knowledge is required of the movements, exercises, injuries and training protocols involved in team and individual sports. Massage New Zealand (MNZ) encourages therapists to have a sports massage diploma to work with elite sports people.

Remedial / Therapeutic Massage: Often called Treament massage. Uses a variety of techniques such as trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, NMT, PNF stretches, accupressure and myofascial release. It helps address specific soft tissue (muscle,tendons and ligaments) injuries and dysfunctions in the body, through an individualised treatment plan. Massage New Zealand (MNZ) considers that the minimal level of training required to work at this remedial level is a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage.

Treatments may also incorporate:

Myofascial Release: MFR is a useful method of treating muscle tension and chronic pain, by releasing tension or restrictions in the connective tissue (fascia), that surrounds all our muscles, organs and bones. Gentle pressure and stretch is applied either manually or by sliding silicone cups on the skin over areas of tension and restriction, until a release is felt. Silicone cupping offers amazing results.

Neuro-Muscular Techniques: Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) aims to balance the nervous system with the muscular system to remedy the underlying causes of long standing pain and sot tissue dysfunction. It uses deep tissue techniques to release muscle spasm and eliminate trigger points, which cause referred pain, to bring back flexibility and improve the strength of muscles. 

Chinese mineral heat therapy: Uses a source of infrared light over a mineral plate, with moxa balm applied on the skin. Excellent in particular for lower back pain, and complements well a lower back massage.

Taping: (on request only) Kinesio taping to support painful or dysfunctional muscles, improve posture,  and/or to increase sport performance (power taping). Cannot be used if oil or wax has been used to massage the area.

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