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Andre Capiez

  • B. Health Science (Acupuncture & TCM)
  • Dip. Health Science (Sport Therapy & Massage)
  • Dip. Health Science (Therapeutic Massage)
  • Adv. Dip. in Raynor Technique
  • Cert. in Adv. Cupping Treatment
  • Advanced pain management & dry needling
  • Certificate in Trauma Studies
  • Internship with Dr Robidoux (below) and Professor Feng Shi Lun in Beijing


My aim is to encourage the body to heal and resore homeostasis, using the most appropriate techniques from:

- Bo Zhi Yun Abdominal acupuncture
- Scalp acupuncture for neurological and psychosomatic disorders
- TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine) acupuncture based on the concept of organs and channels or meridians
- Classical Daoist acupuncture (Yuan Qi)
- Biomedical acupuncture (trigger and motor points)
- Advanced daoist moxa techniques

- TCM and classical herbal treatment

I also do constitutional facial (cosmetic) acupuncture


I do sport and remedial massage, incorporating a variety of successful techniques such as myofascial release and cupping,

I have  a paricular interest in movement impaitrment syndromes, muscle compensation and pain management.


WHO I AM : I am originally from New Caledonia and migrated to New Zealand. I am the owner of Pukeko Therapy. 

After graduating with a 4-year Bachelor of Health Science in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, I went to Nepal for two months with the Acupuncture Relief Project, treating an average of 16 to 18 patients a day, six days a week. The patients I saw there had conditions such as low back pain, OA of the knees, tendinopathies, stroke/hemiplegia, prolapse of the uterus, leukorrhea, cysts, prostatic hyperplasia, etc.

I have done further study in particular with Dave Shipsey on Bo Zhi Yun abdominal acupuncture, and with Dr Suzanne Robidoux on classical Daoist acupuncture (Yuan Qi), scalp acupuncture for neurological and psychosomatic disorders, and advanced Daoist moxabustion. I have studied classical Shang Han Lun herbal diagnosis and formulas with Dr Robidoux and Professor Feng Shi Lun in Beijing. I also trained in Master Tung acupuncture with Brad Wishnant. My training in cosmetic acupuncture was done with both Mary Elizabeth Wakefield and Radha Thambirajah. In 2018, I also conmpleted training in laser therapy in Australia, and have the Australian Certificate in laser science and safety.


In massage, I specialise in remedial and sport massage, and in myofascial release and cupping, adding accupressure, passive stretches, Chinese mineral heat therapy, trigger point therapy and dry needling techniques, as well as taping, when necessary. I have a particular interest in movement impairment syndromes and compensation patterns, causing pain. I always discuss the treatment with you and work within your comfort zone to create the most effective massage for you and obtain results.

In acupuncture, I specialise in stress, pain and musculo-skeletal disorders, and have  a particular interest in male health, pain management and restoring homeostasis. 

Laser therapy uses Class IIIB lasers (called cold lasers as they do not emit heat) to make changes at the cellular level and address a number of issues both internal and musculoskeletal. Trreatment is painless.

I also practice Constitutional Facial Acupuncture (a wholistic form of cosmetic acupuncture for rejuvenation).

While in Nepal, I also trained in Singing Bowl Therapy to release muscle tension and stress.

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